BitFind ADA Staking pools

Our goal is to provide you with monitoring of your staking pool 24/7 to minimize any risk of down time. We are vigilant and always seeking the best return on your investment possible. Our cardano staking pool should be your next delagation!

BitFind is a small US based business that strongly supports the efforts of the Cardano team and what they are trying to build. Help us grow with ADA. We appreciate your stake and will work to make sure all nodes are in a block producing state of readiness at all times!!

Thanks so much for your consideration!

Stake Pool ID: 1dad332b7abc5aed134b3f0da49b54d9bbb4594ff6dae5e311233b05

Link to Pooltools for real time info on BTFND pools:

Link to CardanoScan for real time info on BTFND pools: